Thursday, May 26, 2011

Physics of the Riderless Bike

Check out this interesting video from Science Friday about the physics of riding (or not riding) a bike. This could lead to some pretty interesting changes in the geometry of bicycle design.

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I've started tweeting again (@sarahenb5) and this morning, I came across this giveaway via @peopleforbikes. It's a pretty strange-looking machine but it's lightweight, folds up into a convenient, compact shape and uses a kevlar belt instead of a chain, which means no messy grease to contend with if you're wearing nice work clothes. The upright position also allows for great visibility in traffic, which is a definite bonus when riding in a big city like New York. All in all, a pretty neat ride. Have at it!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Adding to our ranks

Check out this encouraging article in the NY Times today about Deputy Mayor Wolfson and his adventures as a brand spankin' new bike commuter. Although he acknowledged that his commute down the Hudson River path was fairly easy, he remarked that “I’m sort of proof that if I can do this...anyone can do this.” He even said he was going to encourage the Mayor to start biking. Hopefully through a little firsthand experience, our elected officials will start to better understand the joys and challenges of commuting by bike in New York resulting in better integrated policies that will improve the livability of our great city. Three cheers for progress!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy National Bike to Work Day!

After an inexcusably long hiatus, I've decided to start posting again and can't think of a better day to start than National Bike to Work Day. It's been raining incessantly but Mother Nature was kind enough to give us a few dry hours today, which made for an idyllic NYC spring morning commute to work. Brooklyn looks and even smells so green and lush, it was one of those blissful rides that makes you so grateful to live in a city where you can hop on your bike and get anywhere you want in the blink of an eye. In honor of this, I wanted to post this sweet video I came across the other day on one of my favorite bike blogs, Urban Velo. Couldn't agree more with the sentiment: Bikes Make Life Better!