Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inaugural post

I'm taking the plunge.

My Communications Director at work always says, if you wrote an email today, you probably wrote a blog post. I write plenty of emails, so I'm going to think of this as an exercise in overcoming my perfectionist tendencies. No editing (or not too much) just writing.

Bicycles, opera and food...and maybe Brooklyn...and probably knitting, in the winter. Oh, and bread. Ooh, Bicycles, Brooklyn and Bread! My penchant for alliteration is coming out. It's a hard thing to squelch. Squash. Suppress. Okay, I reserve the right to edit my topics. They are still yet to be determined as of post #1. The thing that really prompted me to start this blog was Maria Divina, my "new" bike. It's a long, complicated story and it keeps getting longer and more complicated so I thought I should start writing it all down to capture it before I forget all the details. And there are some pretty unbelievable details, trust me.

Stay tuned...

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