Thursday, June 23, 2011

How do you keep the faith?

A friend of mine posted this video blog from mezzo-soprano, Joyce DiDonato, in which she answers the question: How do you keep the faith, i.e. how do you keep going when things get tough in this career?

She has some valuable insights and I'm posting this mainly so I can go back and watch it in the future to remind myself of this sage advice. There are never any guarantees and every day in this career is a risk, but it is also a great privilege to spend time with music and that will never change, no matter where you end up in your career.

I'm struck by how often I hear the really great artists say this, that what we do is a privilege. Callas said in her Juilliard masterclasses, "...the work is hard, in the beginning, during and afterwards. But is is a privilege. I consider myself privileged because I have been able to bring truth from the soul and mind, give it to the public and have it accepted. Not everyone can do that. It is one of the greatest powers one can put at the service of one of the greatest arts--music."

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